Hotel Stage is pleased to present an exhibition of photographs, Déjà Vu by Monique Lai 賴 昱 蓉.

Our Art Bridge programme invites artists in Hong Kong to showcase their works which are inspired by the dynamism and diversity of the city. We unveil to you our community artist exhibition by Monique Lai who makes an unflinching statement and deep dive into the beauty of Hong Kong. The photographs are a visual feast of the most traditional and yet bold culture of life aspects of the city.

Hotel Stage Photography Exhibition

Déjà Vu at Muse, Hotel Stage

I’m thrilled to announce that Déjà Vu will showcase at Hotel Stage in Kowloon, Hong Kong ! This is a special collection that has meant so much to me. I visited Kowloon City, which was then a little cozy enclave, and I immediately felt like I was transported back in time to another era.

This feeling was Déjà Vu. I have never been here before but this familiarity took me by surprise.

I envision this series as a fun scavenger hunt, and I hope you will discover these selected treasures using my photos as clues. Most of the shopkeepers are happily still there. Some are not. As this community continues to change and grow, our first impressions are what we will fondly remember.

Hotel Stage, Kowloon

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Muse Hotel Stage


A bygone era; let’s hope not!

Capturing classic fun treats of daily life in Hong Kong. This feeling of the past, of having seen this before, is the essence of the Déjà Vu Collection. Highlighting a closer look at the details, I wanted the viewer to see and appreciate that everything is neat, tidy and perfectly unnoticed.

Mini Pop-up

Muse Hotel Stage Event

Event at MUSE

Muse Hotel Stage Photography Exhibition


“Love way that you have captured the lost disappearing way of Old Hong Kong, next step make it into a movie !”  -Terry



“With Art Bridge, we can unearth artists that showcase our culture – our first collaboration with Monique Lai and her distinctive photographic perspective clearly showcases an aspect of Hong Kong that is taken for granted every day.”  -Hotel Stage

It has been such a beautiful whirlwind showcasing this collection at Muse, Hotel Stage in Jordan, Kowloon. Even more incredible is the insight you learn as you guide people thru your vision of the work. Special thanks to all who have visited me at Muse, to Kuchiichi who sponsors tasty treats for guests, and to Gordon Cheung, for his elegant and modern frame design for this collection.

Muse Hotel Stage Photography Exhibition

Kuchiichi butter cookies

Mid-way during the exhibition, I decided to feature a special wall with four images on magnets. Here I wanted the guests to have fun and play. This simple instruction triggered an instinctive reaction where each placed the frames as they wish. It was a beautiful insight to see their unguarded personality come alive with design.

Design Your Own Wall  #dejavubymoniquelai


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