Limited Edition Fine Art Photographs


Edition 1 of 6

Fencing is a visual re-interpretation of a caged bird.  It takes the meaning of private property to another level of controlling.  Giving instructions as to how one should look like or dress can affect a person’s self-esteem.  Blue may mean melancholy but the positive tones here instead inspire the strength of re-discovering ones backbone and inner strength.

Private Property is a series about the ownership and possession of a person, a space, or land.  Prints by Master printer Chip Leavitt from Lumiere and Framing by Fine Art Solutions.

Rough hardware, Edition 1 of 6.

Private Property

Artist Statement

I am fully aware of the rules, the history of art, and the educated artist. I am neither. Understanding my limitations and accepting my flaws, I choose the non-traditional path: the path of experience, travel, and emotion. My eye is unadulterated. By experiencing a space for the first time, I am enabled with the tool of a camera to bring to you what I see and what I feel. Exposing the raw elements in its truest form, its purity. This is what you will see in Private Property: a sense of belonging and ownership. Flaws are beautiful. My hope is you will experience a sense of newness and familiarity to my homage of environmental and social conscious imagery.

1.DNA Gallery, Provincetown
2.Red Elation Gallery, Hong Kong
3.ArcLight Hollywood, Los Angeles

Edition of 6
Artist Proofs of 2
Framed Artwork


Lai tints & treats her erotically-charged figures as though they were irradiated, suggesting fallout and aftermath; the passing of innocence.

– DNA Gallery


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