Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Eugenia Yuan

Colorful images of the beautiful Eugenia Yuan in a range of enigmatic positions, from vertiginous to placid. The allegorical portraits, expressing emotional states, are painfully objectifying, yet strangely personal.

-PS Bookshop

Featuring Eugenia Yuan

Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Eugenia Yuan


Edition 1 of 6

Rêvant des Révolutions

‘Honte’ means shame in French.  This collection features actress Eugenia Yuan photographed in a series of difficult positions shot on location in Hong Kong.  Rêvant des Révolutions is a personal series about the fight for survival amid crippling obstacles and adversity.  Framed by Gordon Cheung, Zetter Picture Framer.

1.PS Bookshop, Dumbo, Brooklyn
2.DNA Gallery, Provincetown
3.Frexh, Shanghai
4.Red Elation Gallery, Hong Kong

Edition of 6
Artist Proofs of 2
Framed Artwork


Focusing on a single subject, the actress Eugenia Yuan, in a breathtaking collection of awkward and challenging poses in nature, Lai infuses her subject with a sensuality which is both immediate and mysterious. Her earth color palette, combined with state-of-the-art production, create a seamless and satisfying presentation.

-DNA Gallery

Limited Edition Fine Art Photography Eugenia Yuan


Edition 1 of 6

A proud native of Jamaica, Lai began her career as a photographer in an unexpected way. Her newest series features the actress Eugenia Yuan and represents the artist’s most personal work to date.

-Frexh Shanghai

Influenced by the french song, ‘Les Regrets’ by Alain Souchon. “For this collection I wanted to inspire courage. I wanted to showcase a person at their lowest point, rising, and being stronger than ever; the underlying subtext here is about survival.”

夢想革命 (Rêvant des Révolutions) 拍攝靈感來自法國歌手 Alain Souchon 的歌曲 “Les Regrets”
攝影師賴昱蓉與女演員原麗淇合作拍攝的限 量攝影作品。這些是賴昱蓉來到香港後得到 的靈感下拍攝的最新作品,賴昱蓉表示:「這 個攝影系列是我最個人的作品。在這個作品 集中我想表達「勇氣」。我想展現一個人在 他們的最低點,成長與愈比以前強大...在這 裡隱含的是關於「生存」。」

BNO is privileged in this auction to present the works of accomplished, contemporary photographers who have risen to the challenge of interpreting and defining life’s large and small ideas, objects and events through the magic of their lenses. Although geographic and cultural differences separate and distinguish these artists from one another (Monique Lai of a Jamaican/Chinese background), what they have in common is their extraordinary artistic vision and talent—as well as at times similar subject matter. And many of the works make ideal collector’s items.

We value great contemporary photographers for their rare ability to see the same everyday scenes and objects we all do — yet through their personal vision and unique skills, transform them into something very different, moving, and eternal—fine art.

-BNO Auction


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