Actor Trevante Rhodes performance is daring and delicately powerful.

Oscars 2017 Best Picture & Best Adapted Screenplay: ‘Moonlight’.
Screened in Hong Kong: 12 AUG 2018

A must-see film!

You the only man that's ever touched me.

You're the only one.

I haven't really touched anyone since.

Actors Trevante Rhodes and AndrΓ© Holland

Moonlight by Screenwriter, Director: Barry Jenkins.

Cinematographer: James Laxton

Released by A24 in the US.

The College Friends Who Helped Make Moonlight

An interview with Producer Adele Romanski and Cinematographer James Laxton

With a lot of hype, buzz, and critical acclaim surrounding the film Moonlight, there is sometimes a dread of is it really that good?

The answer:  Yes, it is that good and more.  What was unexpectedly impressive was the generous camaraderie of each and every character who stepped up and trusted the scene β€” sharing subtle nuances, jumping into the scene wholeheartedly, and being present: re-Acting.  An honest ensemble performance, it is as good as it gets.  The cinematography played a beautiful hand at capturing indelible moments that stays with you long after the credits and even a few weeks, and many months after.  Kudos to the entire cast and crew!

Not what I had expected Moonlight to be, it is a film to treasure as one of cinema’s best written and directed by the very clever Barry Jenkins.


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