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Edition 1 of 6


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Limited Edition of 6

Private Property. Rêvant des Révolutions. La Dolce Vita.

PRIVATE PROPERTY is about the ownership and possession of a person, a space, or land. These are a series of provocative photographs that deals with environmental elements and social conscious statements. My concern for the beauty of our landscape and clean air revolves around ‘not all construction is good construction’. By looking beyond the surface, we can work towards being mindful and aware of how our behavior not only affects society’s perception of ourselves but also the mis-treatment of our environment.

Private Property at ArcLight Hollywood in Los Angeles.

RÊVANT DES RÉVOLUTIONS photographs are inspired by the song, “Les Regrets” by French singer Alain Souchon. Inspired upon my arrival in Hong Kong, these works feature actress Eugenia Yuan. “This photography series is my most personal work. For this collection I wanted to inspire courage. I wanted to showcase a person at their lowest point, rising and being stronger than ever … the underlying subtext here is about survival.”

Rêvant des Révolutions in Shanghai. Featuring Eugenia Yuan.

LA DOLCE VITA was photographed in Beijing. A city I felt had been calling me to visit. I was fascinated with its rich history and powerful culture, but even more so of the people who I found captivating in their manner, their speech, and their form … I felt that I was in an era of new beginnings, and I became transformed. With this concept of la dolce vita, the sweet life, I embarked on this journey of capturing a simple yet seductive gesture with the subtext of a hidden and or overt commercial element of advertising. This renaissance, this era in Beijing felt very much like a new movement. I introduce to you in this series: Xin, Yitian, & Diddy.

La Dolce Vita in Beijing. Featuring Yitian.

Amagazine assignment led me to Love Ride to shoot Blues Legend B.B. King.   On the back of a Harley Davidson, I held on tightly as this was my very first bike ride.  It was a stunning sight seeing bikers on their Harleys in Glendale, and as we made our trek to the destination, I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony that my fear of riding has forced on this ‘cool’ adventure.  I was grateful for the opportunity and even more so that I was able to take this leap of faith.  Here is B.B. King’s ‘YOU’ — Edition 4 of 25.  

B.B. King at Love Ride in Los Angeles.

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